I present the details of body movement, spins, leading, following, and musicality as comfortably as I present my philosophy on human connection, intention, and developing meaningful relationships. My attention to detail and to the individual growth of my students enable me to attend to a room of 400+ people as personally and as comfortably as I attend to a one-on-one session.


I have taken a number of dance workshops, and I can say without any hesitation, that her workshops were the best I have ever attended. She clearly planned the workshop thoughtfully and with her audience in mind, and it was extraordinarily successful and beneficial for everyone who participated.

Her classes were not simply moves or patterns for us to learn, they were a vehicle for understanding her philosophy of dance, a philosophy that she has so clearly developed over hours and years dedicated to a deep and reflective practice. She translated her philosophy into words, illustrated by her movements, and ultimately into our (admittedly more clumsy) physical experience. Her energy during the class was at once light and authoritative. She piqued our interest for six hours straight. There is a humility and universality to the practice that gave us a glimpse of what it truly means to dance like Magna Gopal.

Sarah B Student Portland